I know it's the shortest month to begin with, but February just flew by. It's fracking March! What's that about?!

Lotsa good things this month: I turned 24, worked on my apartment, spent lots of time with Michael and my friends, and ate A LOT of really great food. 

Valentine's Day this year was one of my favorites so far: Michael and I ordered Chinese takeout and built a pillow fort in the living room and watched Redbox movies all night. I think it was particularly refreshing this year because not once did I open my laptop or check my phone; it was like a mini-vacation smack-dab in the middle of the week. Trying to channel that energy every day and remember that everyday life is a gift, not a burden. 

Then my birthday! If you're familiar with New Girl, then you'll know the episode in Season 3 where it's Jess' birthday and Nick royally fucks it up. Yeah, I'm Jess. I don't know why I always romanticize birthdays, but I do. Ever since I was little I just expected surprises and magic and fun (and cake). As I get older I'm starting to realize that it's less about expecting things and more about making things happen for yourself. So, I took the day off to run errands, go shopping, have lunch with my momma, and just recharge and take some time for myself. Then that weekend Michael and I feasted at our favorite restaurants and went kitten hunting (!). Next year I'm going to do something big for my quarter-life crisis, but it was a great birthday and I was definitely feelin' that 24k magic. 

Lots of flowers, cuteness, and pink; a perfect summation of February 2017. March and April of this year are jam-packed with lots of wedding activities and impending travel plans, but I'm so excited to get moovin' and groovin' through the spring! This month I'm trying to cut back on TV habits, start cooking with more local produce, and hopefully get to finishing Casa de Chan. I'm more than ready for a fresh month and calendar page! Happy March! 

2017 Jams

I made a thing! With tunes! For the year! Go listen! With your ears!